Your Chance at Eternity

We, here at Life Explained, have decided to pursue a new course: we are going to experiment with blended drinks.

We, here at Life Explained, have decided to pursue a new course, we are going to experiment with blended drinks. We have a friend who posted several intriguing recipes. We are all for good Kentucky Bourbon, on the rocks, but occasionally something else would hit the spot, something in a frosty glass, with a mixture of different tastes, that combine into a delicious, wonderful ambrosia. Of course, iced coffee takes on a whole new meaning when poured into a blender with a little chocolate, and real cream, and just the tiniest hint of a smidgen of sugar.

Plus, these sorts of drinks sell for a king’s ransom, your average mid level corporate employee will need to save for several weeks for one of these delicious, delightful, dangerously decadent, sinfully sweet, gifts from the heavens. So, there is a lot of profit potential, as well.

We were shocked to see the cost of a good blender, of course we need a good blender, and something with a cool name, a Blendtec would work, but even better, a Ninja. What kind of fool would not want a high calorie, loaded with fat, and frowned on by doctors and dentists everywhere, creamy, sugary, wonderful macchiato whipped up by a Ninja?!!? That would be the ultimate coffee drink.

Unfortunately, our finances are stretched a little thin right now, due mostly to the Mars explorer launch, and repairs to the kitchen after the last company party. We thought we would “crowd fund” a new blender. In return for your donation we will name a blended drink after you, and work your name into several future posts.

Imagine the thrill of reading about your exploits with Dr. Dawg, as he explores the universe from one end to the other, and the expanses of time, from the beginning, to almost the end, we have decided going all of the way to the end of time was probably not a very good idea. If you are not the egotistical type who wants their name bouncing around the internet for all eternity send us somebody else’s name. If it is someone you don’t much care for, we will put them in uncomfortable situations, and embarrassing positions.

Please, give generously to this noble cause, we are getting anxious, and thirsty, and the ice maker is full.

This post was previously published on Life Explained and is republished here with permission from the author.


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