You Can Make Anything by Writing

When I started my career as a content writer, I really had no idea how far I would be able to make it. At that moment all I wanted was a job. After having done my master’s in tissue engineering, and seeing the ugly phase of life which was full of struggle for getting a job, I thought of pursuing what my heart said – to write.

I had been a writer, writing those love poetries during my college times. But, never took it so seriously. Never had the courage to think beyond the usual – getting a good degree and then a decent job.

But, I guess destiny had something different in store for me.

Yes, I worked in a lab for almost six months. Got thrown out of it, because according to them I was not fit for working in a lab environment.

But, today I’m happy that they did. I’m happy that I got the opportunity to look beyond my education. I’m happy that I had the courage to write! And, yes it did change my life.

I’ve been working as a content writer for more close to 6 years now. I started as a naïve in the profession, but today I have the experience and the confidence that I can make anything by writing!

I have made my career from scratch, with nobody’s help. And, I’m sure anyone and everyone can. So, here I’d like to share a few tips that helped me make a career in writing. And I hope they will help you too –

1. Don’t think, just write

The more you think the less you will write. I’m a firm believer that writing is something that comes from the heart. If your mind gets clouded with thoughts, words are never going to come out of it – they are going to get lost in those thoughts. So, the first thing you need to do to begin as a writer is to stop thinking and start writing.

The more you think the less you will write.

The more you will write the more control you will have on your thoughts and better will be the stories that will come as an output – because they will come straight from your heart.

2. Read, curate and create

The habit of reading is the biggest asset for a writer. Reading gives you an idea – what can you create? More importantly, it gives you an idea – what can you curate! With so much stuff already scattered on the internet, you need to do the smart work. Gather those ideas and give them a shape of your own.

Read the content, curate it and create a new and better version of it! And, people are going to love it!

3. Don’t give up

This might sound too philosophical, but it is one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received in my professional career. You are never too old to learn things. Therefore, keep writing and keep making mistakes. Never give up on your dream to become a writer. You might have to face criticism for the initial times, but once you have got an audience that recognizes your writing style – you are going to enjoy the sweet taste of success!

And, I’m sure you are going to love it!

I hope my advice is going to help you follow your dream of becoming a writer. All the best!

Just go for it!

A version of this post was previously published on Linkedin and is republished here with permission from the author.


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