Working Mom Nails Why School Spirit Days Are the Bane of Our Existence

It seems like every other week there’s a school spirit day intended solely to torture busy moms. With all of the pressures of housework, childcare—oh, and having a career—events like these effectively function as wrenches in a working mom’s cog.

S. Rachel Pappy, an attorney, accountant and mom of three from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, took to LinkedIn with a powerful post about forgetting her son’s wacky sock day at school.

Though mornings and evenings are some of the only times working parents get with our little ones, they’re also the most hectic times of the day. Rachel’s post nailed exactly how the insanity of the morning routine can cause us to forget what’s on the back burner.

She explained that after waking and bathing the kids, checking homework, getting them dressed, making each of them entirely different breakfasts, making sure they took their vitamins, driving them to school and reminding each of them of their after-school activities, she somehow forgot about her son Blake’s wacky sock day at school. She didn’t even realize she’d forgotten until after she had an incredibly difficult day at work.

Rachel said she asks her kids to remember events like these because she simply can’t keep track of everything. Even so, she was consumed with the all-too-common guilt working moms feel when we drop a ball, no matter how insignificant.

“It’s 2 a.m. now, and my first thought when I woke up was I’m heartbroken that I forgot it was wacky socks day,” Rachel wrote. “I know he will get over it, and I’m not detracting from dads, but I’m a working mom and that’s my silent dialogue.”

Moms have begged schools to nix or at least scale back on extravagant spirit days that require parents to rush out and buy hats, socks or neon hairspray, but alas, seems like it’s bound to be one ball we’ll catch some days and drop on other ones. Thankfully, time goes on, and we’re pretty sure out little ones will soon forget their white socks weren’t so wacky.