Working Mom Captures the Gut Punch of Being Unable to Play with Kids on Busy Mornings

A woman’s post is getting traction for nailing a familiar scenario working moms of young children struggle with—down to the guilt.

On January 29, Brenda, the Montreal-based mom behind the Instagram account candied_chocolate, posted an adorable photo of herself in pajamas, cuddling her smiling toddler, Luna. The surprising first line of her caption: “I wish this was us right now.”

Despite sometimes waking up “feeling like a supermom who can take on the world,” Brenda revealed that on the day she posted the photo, she felt “defeated.” Her mornings are always rushed and chaotic because she has to get herself and her little one ready, she explained.

“What breaks my heart,” she continued, “is that Luna doesn’t understand why Mommy is always rushing, why she can’t play with her in the morning. She’ll come up to me while I make breakfast for the both of us and hand me her favorite book. And when I tell her we can’t be reading right now because Mommy’s gotta prepare food, she’ll start calling my name, ‘Mama, Mama, Mama.’ This happens every morning and I always die a little inside.”

Nevertheless, the mom said she hopes one day her daughter will “understand” that everything she does is for her.

Rest assured, Brenda, one day she will! It may be difficult now, but you prove how much you love Luna every single day. When she’s old enough, she’ll see you as the role model that you are, and be as proud of her tenacious working mama as we are.

Brenda ended her post by asking, “Any other working moms can relate?” And as the comments section proved, there were plenty.

“Yes. Yes. Yes!” commented dddelanie. “I try to tell myself that my daughter won’t look back and wonder why mama was rushed because all she will remember is the fun quality time spent together.”

“Oh, mama, I feel this deeply!” added Momoinprogress. “I don’t want to be a stay-at-home mom, I love working. But I always die a little inside when I drop them off and wish I could work less. I feel like time goes by quickly enough… The hustle and bustle makes it disappear 😭.”

“I can relate to this sooooo much!!” jessiccajones replied. “I tell myself the same—that one day my son will look back and see what a hard working mama he had so that she could give him the good life. I also try my best to make that time where we get to do all the things he wants to do with me. That way I can tell him, ‘Not now, but when we get home from school, I’ll read all the books with you!’”

Clearly, Brenda is not alone in her situation. But by being open, especially on a social media platform used by many to depict their lives as picture-perfect, she’s helping advance a more accurate depiction of working motherhood. Her post is remarkable, and the comments it has attracted serve as an important reminder to other women going through the same thing. You’re not alone, and you can rely on one other for emotional support and advice.