Why It Is Important To Ensure A Robust Home Inspection Is Completed

Here are some of the points as to why a home inspection is needed and what is involved.

If you are someone who is looking to purchase a property, it is important that you get all the correct information in advance about the home so that you can make an informed decision. The seller will place a lot of things online about the home, but this won’t tell you everything you need to know (especially around the home structural quality).

Your reliance on independent information is crucial, otherwise, you could not be given the full information required. Here are some of the points as to why a home inspection is needed and what is involved.

What is checked?

At a home insurance inspection, there are 7 main things that are inspected by a certified home inspector. This includes:

  • The electrical system’s condition and plumbing
  • Any heating systems or cooling systems (including boiler)
  • The conditions of the rooms which also includes the garage, attic and the roof
  • The conditions of all the walls, ceilings, floors, windows and the doors. This includes any signs of dampness
  • The structures are checked robustly
  • Any potential water damage to the home or pipes
  • If there are any signs of any insect infestation

You will find that the inspector will normally spend anything between 3 and 4 hours on this visit with this depending on the size of the house and any issues found. They will then write up a pretty comprehensive report which will include photographs. This report will highlight any “concerns” that they may have and give some recommendations within it. This at least prompts some good quality conversations between the potential buyer and the seller (and it may not be something the seller was previously aware of). It can also allow for some negotiating power where if things are not up to scratch, you can ask for it to be repaired before purchase or you could ask for a reduction in the buying price of the home.

Risks Of Not Getting This Completed

You may decide that you think you have enough information around you to make an informed decision as to purchase or not purchase the property. This could be information from the seller on other reports they may have, or it may be as a result of making a viewing to the home on your own. The issue you will have around this is that there may not be a level of independence. If they have given you reports from people they have used, there could be a level of bias as ultimately, they are wanting to sell the home. If you hire someone independent then they are coming at this from a different angle and have your interests at heart (to make sure they have checked everything that could affect the structure, maintenance or value of the home).

Our Verdict

It could be considered risky if you go blindly into buying a property without having the guidance from an independent home report. The information that you could find out form one of these reports may sway your decision on whether the property is fit to be purchased. For the sake of a few hundred dollars for these types of reports, it would be highly recommended to follow through with it.

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