Where Are You Going?

They can make a difference and cause lasting change. With their fresh intensity and brand-new mindset – they play an active role in modern enterprises and politics as well.

Be up-to-date, don’t stick to the old methods. Be online by day and night and work on building and expanding your network. If you take all these, you can accomplish anything. These are the main ideas of today’s ready-to-change society. I think, people can witness its benefits quite soon.
Do you remember what happened when the government initiated the internet tax? Masses of people gathered in the streets, switched on the light of their phones and chanted the message: “This is enough”. And surprise, surprise, the government erased the regulative initiation. Thanks to the people who were pretty brave to say they are against.

What happened is that the government stepped back in order to avoid a harsher inconvenience. The authority wasn’t defeated or vanished, they were just simply modified by the majority.

Unfortunately, after achieving success, the youth have turned their heads away from the rest of the further corrupt regulation system. The government has initiated 2 more rules right after the incident that happened to be approved pretty soon. They haven’t affected loads of people, but basically the youth that had demonstrated. They were aimed to burden their future plans and success. No matter how influential the youth are, the politicians will always act too hard.

This post was previously published on Joseph Felfoldi and is republished here with a Creative Commons license.


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