When Fantasy Meets Reality

Yesterday was a good day.

I have a million things to say and I have nothing to say.

It’s now “the day after” where nothing has changed yet everything has changed.

This amazing 3 month journey we have been on finally reached it’s first major destination, the meetup. It was everything that I could have asked for in a “first date”, and for this romantic soul it was just the most magical of days.

You know something is going well when 7 hours goes by like 7 minutes.

We met, we kissed, we talked, we kissed some more and most of all we felt the same love that has been permeating our words all these months.

Yesterday was about taking the advice of my therapist and just “staying present in the moment”.

There was no looking over my shoulder or trying to peer into the future. There was only me peering into the beautiful green eyes of this amazing woman that I have come to love and for now that was enough.

I don’t know much about the path forward other than to say there is a path and we will both be taking it together, one day and one date at a time. We can’t look beyond that right now. I can’t ask her for anything, I can’t promise her anything. We both know the parameters of this ride we hopped on together and we know it can’t go on forever like this but right now we are both listening with our hearts and our feelings and we know this ride isn’t over yet.

We have more emotions to explore, more of each other to explore.

Our journey didn’t end yesterday, I have a feeling that it just began. It’s a journey into the light and the darkness but one we choose to take together hand in hand. I will savor every moment of this journey we share.

Yesterday the fantasy became the reality and I couldn’t be happier.

Yesterday was a good day.

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Photo credit: unsplash