We Can’t Stop Laughing at This School Calendar ‘Make Chili’ Snafu

Everyone loves a hearty bowl of chili, but could you eat it every night? Um, yeah, no.

That’s why a pic of a school calendar is making the rounds on the internet—it’s so unintentionally hilarious. Every day in the month of March, the calendar instructs parents to, “Make chili together. Talk about each step.”

OK, we have some questions.

Is the teacher who drafted this calendar just a big fan of chili? Have school requests gotten so out of hand that parents are supposed to whip up a meal with their kiddos every night?

The answer appears to be no. It was an earnest accident.

Another pic includes a note from the calendar’s creators, Miss Shell and Miss Michelle. “I just saw on the March calendar that each day says to make chili. I am sorry. If you can, just cross out and write something you did with your child that day.”

We spotted the pics in a Facebook group called Fourth Wave Feminism, but they’ve been popping up across social media. “I am howling. Sorry to deviate from our regularly scheduled program, but I think it’s safe to say we all need to laugh for a sec. From a parenting group,” the post read.

The comments are equally gut busting. “No one wants to live with me after just one night of chili. I’d have to buy a new house,” one person replied.

“Imagine making new batches of chili each day like that and talking about EACH step. Also of note, that’s a lot of fucking chili,” another said.

It certainly is. But you know what they say about beans being a magical fruit? And good for your heart?

Sorry, we had to do it.