Tygra Tries to Teach Lion-O a Lesson in ‘The Horror of Hook Mountain’

He comes up with an elaborate plan to help Lion-O learn a pretty important lesson

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Lion-O needs to learn a lesson in ‘The Horror of Hook Mountain’

Last time on ThunderCats Roar, Vultureman attacked this team. He had a powerful new invention, and Panthro thought it looked familiar. That was because Vultureman got the idea from Panthro, and when he discovered this he wasn’t happy about it. Panthro came up with a plan to get Vultureman to admit this, and he admittedly went a little to far. Now Tygra wants to try and teach Lion-O a lesson in ‘The Horror of Hook Mountain’. I was able to watch a screener of this episode and here is my thoughts on it.

You can read the premise for ‘The Horror of Hook Mountain’ here:

Tygra takes Lion-O climbing up the peak of Hook Mountain to teach him a lesson about trust. But when they get trapped by a snowstorm and take refuge in a creepy cabin owned by the creepy Snowman – it’s Tygra’s ability to trust that’s gonna be tested.

Tygra attempts to teach Lion-O a lesson in ‘The Horror of Hook Mountain’. Shortly after his plan gets moving forward, things take an unexpected turn. They find themselves in a strange cabin with a weird man. Lion-O sees no reason why he shouldn’t trust them, but Tygra isn’t so sure. As this episode comes to a close they both learn a good lesson.

ThunderCats Roar airs Saturday at 10:30 am on Cartoon Network.