Twinkle Khanna Shares A ‘Love In The Time Of Corona’ Picture With Her ‘Bookworm Baby’, Nitara

Twinkle Khanna

The love mothers have for their daughters is unmatched. Whether it is celebrating their little achievements or getting teary-eyed every time they are filled with pride over their kids, mothers know their little ones the best. The bond they share is the most precious and it’s something only a mother can relate to. Bollywood also has its own share of supermoms and the recent mommy who caught our attention is none other than the actor turned author, Twinkle Khanna aka Mrs. Funnybones.

Twinkle Khanna is loved by many for her no-bullshit attitude and her witty remarks. The actress may not have captured everyone’s hearts through her movies, but she sure as hell did it through her wits and humor. The actress who has done over 15 films in her career has also published three books so far, all of which have been declared bestsellers. Twinkle has also ventured into interior designing and movie production, but one cannot miss her knack for writing; something that she truly loves and enjoys if her Instagram posts are to be believed.


Twinkle is one proud mommy and the 46-year-old celebrity mother never fails to share glimpses of life with her kids. Whether it is her son’s cooking skills or her daughter’s karate moves, Mrs. Funnybones proudly shares her kids’ achievements just like any other mommy.

Recently she took to her Instagram handle to share a picture with her daughter, both of them reading their own books. The monochrome picture also had a beautiful caption that read, “There is nothing better than lying down next to each other, engrossed in our own book, but still together. The greed to capture this moment of joy, to preserve it for a stage when memory will invariably be shrouded by the cobwebs of time, was overwhelming #MeAndMine #bookwormbaby #loveinthetimeofcorona”.

Check out the post here:


This is just one of the many posts that we love on her Instagram feed. Perhaps what makes these posts so special are the wonderful captions that accompany each one of them. Here is another post that the actress had posted earlier this year.

wonderful captions

In the caption, Twinkle explains that her daughter Nitara is not happy about interrupting her reading time and she has banished mommy to her room. The mother of two also added a great tip for children to love reading. She said that instead of forcing them to read what we think is worthy, allow them to read what they want to. Now, this is a great tip considering how most of us force our kids to read books which we consider to be knowledgeable and might help them academically. And this is probably one of the reasons why kids lose their interest in reading books as we make it less fun for them. The actress who is a bookworm herself often shares images of books that she and her daughter is currently reading.

The actress also took to her Twitter handle amid the coronavirus outbreak to remind everyone that there is perhaps a silver lining to the situation.


In her tweet, Twinkle Khanna said that the pandemic can also be considered as a reset button; to stop and think for a moment about what we need instead of always chasing after something. The actress ended her post by saying that the silver lining to this cloud could probably be all of us learning to keep our dear ones closer and the world at a distance.

In her recent post, the actress also shared something that she read and found interesting that would help contain the virus. Her post read: “We should not worry about getting the virus but we should modify our behavior as if we already have it and don’t want to infect others, as that is the only way to contain it.” In these panic-stricken times, it’s nice to see our celebrities focusing on the positive side of things and inspiring others to follow suit with their approach.

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