Tips For Raising Outdoors-Loving Kids

Living in this new digital era it’s hard to keep kids away from the TV, video games and their phones/tablets. Now for every parent is a challenge to raise his child with an interest in outdoor activities.

Making your little ones to spend more time in nature is having a lot of benefits. They can expand their knowledge differently, improve their motor skills and lead a healthier and stronger life. Socializing with other kids outside can bring their playtime to another level and make other games even more exciting and challenging. If you don’t know how to start, here are some ideas that can seem helpful and amusing to your toddler.

Make it Exciting

From time to time, you will notice how your child feels tense because of extra energy that is accumulating by spending mostly oh his free time around the house. To prevent your child to get in any kind of stress or anxiety, try to lure him outside to rest his mind from digital gadgets. Organizing some activities in nature could be the right choice for your kid. To make him stay focused you can do it together. Spending some quality time with your child will make the two of you closer than before. Taking him on swimming or rafting will bring his adrenaline high and only from the first try he will feel more relaxed and less tense. Spending extra energy on outside activities can clear his mind and make him motivated to be curious and creative. Excitement on the idea that he will learn how to concord the fast rivers will make him wanted to spend more time outside and explore nature. He will even try to make plans for the next trip with you.

Bring The Right Gear

Preparing for a trip with your children can be exhausting sometimes and you will even have to do weeks before the due date. If you don’t want to forget something, make a checklist of things that you will need. Every caring parent put his child’s needs first on his mind. Carrying too much stuff can become a burden. Talk to your children and ask them what they want to bring on a trip. When you are planning some walks in nature, the most important thing that kids should have are proper shoes. Every boy loves to have some military prints on his wardrobe. That way he can feel important and strong. If your toddlers need to renew their footwear, getting a pair of cool camo shoes for boys will be perfect for them. Before you go check again that you have everything packed like first aid, spare wardrobe and some snacks. After that, your family adventure can begin.

The More The Merrier

One of the best ways to nurture the kid’s love for nature is to bring their friends with him so they could play and explore together. Talk to other parents and exchange ideas about bringing their kids on an excursion together. Spending extra time with friends outside of the house will improve their social life. Together they can teach each other about nature like finding some new plants or observing birds. Don’t forget to get them some binoculars to make they’re exploring more fun and exciting. With the camera, they could capture beautiful moments together and even complete their collection of plants for shared albums.

Raising your children to have a healthier life shouldn’t be a hard thing to do. If you have a beautiful relationship with them, you could easily through conversation explain to them that being more active outside has a lot of benefits. Don’t forbid them to use digital gadgets. Kids need to have them so they could keep up with this urban era. If you explain to your children that they can have as much fun while they are outside, having digital stuff wouldn’t be a problem for developing healthy habits.

Bio: Nemanja is editor-in-chief @ WalkJogRun and BornCute. You can find him on Twitter.