The World Is Changing Faster Than Most People Can Process

At The Good Men Project, we often say that “the world is changing faster than most people can process that change.”
And no time in recent history has that statement seen as relevant as the week when it appeared as if the entire world would shut down because of the Coronavirus.

On our weekly Call with the Publisher on Friday March 13th we discussed the COVID-19 pandemic, including:

— How the crisis is being handled internationally, including first-hand reports from France, Italy, Canada and across the United States.
— How quickly people have changed their behavior, not just for their own safety but for the safety of those around them.
— How the better the job we do with these public health initiatives, the more people will say we over-reacted.
— A lovely video that is going around Twitter of an Italian neighorhood, a narrow street, but from the porches comes the sound of all of them singing in Italian from inside their quarantined houses.
— How we need to re-define progress — progress should mean a culture driven by health and human well-being instead of a culture driven by things, stuff and material goods. We can’t allow only people who care about money to define what progress is.


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