The Rugged Gentleman’s Guide

The rugged gentleman is an embodiment of many things that make a man. He is strong and definitely not afraid to work and get his hands dirty. He also knows how to be soft, how to treat people with kindness and respect. He is led both by integrity and passion. To be a rugged gentleman, however, involves more than just possessing the right set of characteristics; you have to look the part as well. Below are a few guidelines you should follow to get started on your rugged gentleman journey.

A Practical Wardrobe

The rugged gentleman is most easily identified by what he wears. His clothes often speak for him, sighting who he is and what he values. One of the major things to consider when creating this look is whether the pieces are both functional and fashionable. Do not be afraid to borrow a leaf from all the men who are a bit rough around the edges – think cowboys and lumberjacks, as you may need to get a few plaid shirts, leather boots, and denim, as well as tweed trousers.

Your shoes should also be sturdy and of high quality to help you as you fight the challenges the world throws at you. Remember, your choice of wardrobe should have a lot of character. Therefore, embrace the wrinkles and a few kinks so that your outfits appear a bit rough.

The colors you want to reach for are solid and earth-toned. This is not to say that you can’t have a pop of color, but the key is mastering the coloring act. Don’t be afraid to grab a blazer; blazers in wool or plaid fabrics can help enhance your look while exhibiting an interesting twist. Be sure to throw in few neckties as well; those could come in handy once in a while.

A Signature Scent

The power of a pleasant scent cannot be ignored. For centuries, perfumes have been used as part of many major rituals and ceremonies. In addition to this, the human body’s sense of smell is not only one of the strongest but one with the closest link to memory. What this means is that how you smell matters as people, who will not only be attracted to it but will remember you by the scent as well.

Even though the rugged man appreciates his natural scent, he understands that a signature scent is a valuable tool to have in his arsenal. Therefore, as you seek to become a rugged gentleman, seek out a musky or woody scent such as sandalwood or cedar. Try it on at first to ensure that it is not overpowering but instead complements your own natural fragrance. This scent may not only complete the look but can become highly appreciated by those around you as well.

A Timeless Watch

In the age of smartphones, very few people find the need for a watch. However, this is not the case for the rugged gentleman, for he understands that the watch is more than a means to tell time. A watch is a style piece that can be used to enrich any look you are trying to capture. Investing in a quality wristwatch shows that you care not only about your style about your time as well.

The rugged gentleman understands the value of time as there many things to be done, and there is such little time to complete them all. Watches also serve as investment pieces. One thing that is important to the rugged gentleman has items that he can get a lot of value from. This goes beyond financial investment, but a social investment as well. A timeless watch will not only tell you the time but also tell everyone else the kind of person you are.

A Proper Bag

A rugged gentleman is one whose demeanor reeks of composure. As such, the elements he carries with him must help facilitate the same message. Acquiring a proper bag will go a long way in helping this cause. As you run your errands, go to the office, gym, or even meet up with friends, you will want a bag that compliments the rest of the wardrobe that you’ve built.

An example of such is leather messenger bags. Not only are they extremely functional, but they are also easy to style and ideal for almost any situation that needs a bag. They also last a long time, ensuring that you get value for your money while letting everyone else know you care about how you look.

A Good-Looking Wallet

Your wallet is something you will have to take out at least once a day. With that in mind, a proper wallet is must-have for any man, more so a rugged gentleman. It complements the look you are working to achieve aided strongly by the leather messenger bag. You must ensure that it is a good investment, therefore, seek a high-quality product that is finely crafted and practical. It needs to be an extension of who you are, especially when you are just about to pay that bill. A wallet to the rugged gentleman is not just a wallet but a sign of a man who cares.

When it comes to creating the rugged gentleman look, having these basic essential pieces will give you a head start. It is important to remember that the rugged gentleman is a classic, timeless look that is meant to compliment who you are. So, do not be afraid to add your own personal touches to the look, but be sure not to overdo it. If you can, grow the beard too, it does not hurt to have a little scruff to go with the tough.

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