The Power of Purpose

Have you ever wondered where suffering and dissatisfaction comes from?

There are many sources of emotional and physical pain. You may have struggled with feeling distant in relationships, being unseen or devalued at work, having hormone levels out of balance, being physically or mentally ill, not having a satisfying sex life…All of these are possible contributors.

And there’s another cause that’s often overlooked — Purpose!

Victor Frankl, a concentration camp survivor, wrote an incredibly powerful book, Man’s Search for Meaning. He says therapy can miss the boat if you’re working with a person’s emotions but every day that person’s life lacks meaning, or purpose.

While some people think of life purpose as a luxury for those who can afford it, others are starting to realize that purpose is a foundation for our success and well-being. Purpose creates motivation. Purpose inspires action. Purpose can even cure health issues!

Today’s Man Alive podcast guest, Marv Fox Jr. is a speaker and a Purpose Recognition coach. He shares, with amazing clarity and wisdom, about the impact of purpose and purposelessness on your life. In our conversation we discussed…

• The negative effects of being disconnected from purpose
• How purpose can be the missing link to your well-being
• The five realms of purpose you can tap into
• How to integrate purpose into your life, even when you are buried in survival needs
• How to leave a legacy, not just at the end of life, but in each interaction

Marv is a delightful and wise speaker on the topic of purpose. Whether you want to live more purposefully or find more ways to implement your purpose, this is a conversation to listen to!



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