The Best Kids’ Birthday Decorations

In a perfect world, we’d all have a ton of extra time to Pinterest the heck out of our kids’ birthday parties. But we aren’t all epic DIYers and we don’t all have the spare time and that’s totally okay. Especially since tons of great, memorable birthday decorations are just a click away—no crafting or assembling required.

Think of this colorful decoration set makes party throwing easy and fun! The kit includes letters to spell out “Happy Birthday,” 18 12” balloons in different hues, 10” pompom flowers, and a string of paper garland. The bright, cheery colors are perfect for any celebration!

No need to go to a galaxy far, far away to give your space-loving kiddo an out of this world birthday party. This pack delivers 15 galactic pieces of decor, including solar system whirls and a happy birthday banner. Just tack these up and blast off into fun.

Your little one’s obsession with unicorns might grow deeper with this 42-piece decoration set from Gemwi. The kit has a magical array of items including two 42” unicorn balloons, two table foil balloons, 4 heart foil balloons, 18 latex balloons, a happy birthday banner made up of 16” letter balloons, a unicorn headband, ribbon, and a balloon pump to set it all up. A truly enchanted party kit, indeed!

If you have a wild one, head into the jungle with a safari themed party! The set includes a happy birthday banner, materials for safari garland, 5 mylar animal balloons (zebra, tiger, monkey, lion, giraffe), 12 palm leaves, 20 latex balloons (10 green, 10 white), and 7 cupcake toppers. One thing to keep in mind—the banner and garland aren’t pre-strung so give yourself enough time before the party to assemble.