Talking to Your Business for the Future You Deserve

By Danielle

On today’s podcast, Simone talks to Glenna Rice about the art of talking to your business. Glenna is a physical therapist by trade, and began working self-employed 23 years ago.

Glenna loved the flexibility and ease of being her own boss. She took somebody workshops and thought “this is what I want to do”, then started a practice.

She says that she got into self-employed work by default. She didn’t have a plan, she just wanted to do that work.

Here’s how to talk to your business to allow it to take care of you, support you, and for it to grow without you putting on the pressure of someone else’s reality.

On today’s podcast:

  • Talking to your business
  • What matches the energy of what you desire to choose?
  • Business Done Different
  • What would you like out of your business?
  • The future you deserve



Talking to your business and asking it how it can contribute to you stops other people’s realities from causing you stress.

In this episode of The Art & Industry of Business & Living, Glenna Rice talks to Simone about how her business takes care of her, and how it’s ok to ask for the future you deserve.

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You have to be aware of what your business is asking for. Ask it how it can contribute to you and where it wants to go, and the information will start showing up in different ways.

When you panic about having a lot on, it’s is this really telling you that, not your business.

Business doesn’t only function between 9-5 Monday to Friday. That time frame energy is so small, and if you start talking to it 24/7 there is less work involved.


In business, you have to work in the way that you want to. Don’t take on other people’s realities of working within certain hours because they think that’s the professional thing to do.

When your business is holding back, it’s usually you doing the pulling. Ask questions on how to create with your business. If you ask it to create with you, it will show you how to create with ease.


Glenna runs the Access Consciousness class Business Done Different. Simone says she always knew that business could be done differently, but no one else was doing it until she met Gary Douglas and Access Consciousness.

This class gives a bunch of tools which are different to what you’ve been taught before. Glenna says she took the class and thought it was the best creative workshop she’d ever done. It tapped into creative potential which she’d never seen before.


Have an awareness of what you would like your reality to be, and try to get clear on what your reality would be like if you added things in.

Ask “if I was creating my reality today, what would I choose?”. We get so caught up in what’s around us rather than looking for the future we’d like to create and asking it to show up.

Demand for things, rather than ask how. “What is is going to take to create this? No matter what it takes, I demand for this to show up in my reality”.


Most people don’t think they deserve for a better future, and wish for things rather than demand them and work towards them.

People have already drawn conclusions about their futures, and have put judgments and limitations in place.

What if you deserved everything? We’re not taught to ask for more, we’re taught to be satisfied with what we have so not to be greedy. It’s a choice. Why wouldn’t you ask for more to show up?

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