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It can be quite an exciting experience to go to a foreign country to study. However, with this excitement to study abroad comes a change in everything. This change can be good, can be bad based on well you are prepared to tackle it.

If you are planning to go for studies abroad, then we are going to share some challenges that you will be facing while going to a foreign country. We will also be sharing the best ways to tackle these mental challenges so that not only you survive in a foreign country, but thrive there.

Without wasting any time let us straight away get to the list of those challenges –

1. Language trouble

Language is the biggest challenge that a student has to face when moving to a new country. You can try as much as you want to and gain advanced-level proficiency in that foreign language. However, you can find it quite difficult to understand the slang, the local terminologies and common words once you reach there.

How to cope up with it?

Practice, practice and more practice. Once you will get there, with time you will become a prodigy at the local language!

2. Cash crunch

This is the second major challenge students have to face when going to study in Canada or any other destination. A big reason behind this is the currency difference. A majority of the students mumble up the numbers due to currency exchange rates, and end up spoiling their budget. Apart from this, understanding the taxes is a big problem that causes students a lot of trouble.

For instance, in North American countries taxes are not included in the prices. So you have to pay extra for items when shopping. Similarly, different countries have different constraints.

How to cope up with it?

Understand the country’s financial laws. Get to know about the money exchange rate. Create a budget, calculating everything you are going to need during your stay in the country. Setting a budget, and planning are the two things that will help you overcome this problem.

3. Work more, study less

Another common problem that students, have to face is to stay motivated. It is quite easy to get into working more than allowed to repay the financial investment you have made. In fact, a huge percentage of students who come to countries like Canada and Australia are enticed towards this scenario. The reason for this is simple — monetary pressure!

How to cope up with it?

The answer is quite simple — do what you have come here to do. If you will study with diligence, you are eventually going to get a good job after completing the study. Rather than crossing the line and breaking the laws, stay motivated to study. That’s the only way you are going to have a beautiful future. Don’t forget, getting caught while working additional hours than allowed could land you in trouble. You might even get sent home!

4. Living independently

For students moving out of their home for the first time, especially Indian students, living independently is the number one problem. Getting out of the comfort zone and having to manage everything on their own can take a lot out of you. This is when homesickness can take over, and demotivate you.

How to cope up with it?

Start managing things on your own while you are in your home country. A great way is to get involved in domestic chores. Get to know how things take place in the real world.


The feeling of being an outsider is quite common when you move to a new country. You don’t have familiar faces, and you usually get surrounded by the fear of missing out. No matter how hip you were back at home, you will get this feeling of being an outsider for a while. However, this feeling can be scary!

How to cope up with it?

The only solution to this problem is to make peace with the fact that every place has its own culture. Don’t surround yourself with this fear. Try to understand the cultural difference and adapt to it. It will take a little time initially to get settled. Once you will adapt, you will never have to face any problem!

These were top 5 challenges that every student face when moving to a new destination to study. However, it is also a fact that once you embrace these challenges you never want to leave!

Can you think of some other challenges? Do share with us and we’d love to add them to our post.

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