Something Strange is Going on in Smurf Village in ‘Smurf Salad’

Some of the smurfs add something to the vegetables and it leads to disastrous results

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Smurf Village might be in big trouble in ‘Smurf Salad’

I remember watching The Smurfs cartoon as a kid. It had a catchy them song and told some good stories. The last Smurfs comic I read was a lot of fun. When I heard about Smurf Salad I hoped I would get to read it. I got a digital copy of this comic and here is what I thought of it.

You can read the plot for Smurf Salad here:

The Smurfs have been unhappy with their meals lately as Chef Smurf keeps serving them up skimpy meals with a side of disappointment. When Chef Smurf suggests Papa Smurf to investigate the state of Farmer Smurf’s crops, they discover the root of the issue: the vegetables are wilted and stunted. But when Papa Smurf whips up a potion that works a bit too well, not even he can predict his Smurfs will smurf into vegetables! It’s attack of the Smurfing tomatoes as Smurf Village becomes one big farmer’s market. Will this turn into a food fight?

I had a lot of fun reading this comic. The village was dealing with a peculiar crisis, and Papa Smurf was glad to find a solution to it. Then he leaves for a while, and that was when things went nuts. Chef Smurf and Farmer Smurf make a big mistake, one that causes all kinds of weird things to happen in the village. When Papa Smurf returns he gets told the tale of what has been happening while he was gone. It is up to him to find a cure before it is too late. If you are a fan of The Smurfs then this is a comic you will want to read.

Smurf Salad comes out October 8th. You can pre-order this comic on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.