So She Hated Her Christmas Gift? Here Are Five Tips to Make Sure She Loves Your Valentine’s Day Gift

Finding the perfect gift is hard. Let’s face it; it’s an inexact science that many of us just haven’t grasped yet.

Let me know if this sounds familiar; it’s Christmas day, and she is opening her gift, the wrapping is gone, and the box is open. Suddenly, a cringy grin creeps up the side of her lips, she gathers herself for a second, delivers a forced hug and a small peck on your cheek. She hates it.

Sadly, we’ve all been there. But, the good news is Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for redemption. So here are five tips to make sure your Valentine’s day gift gets you back in her good graces.

  1. Listen! I know it’s cliché, but it works. Look, I don’t know one woman who doesn’t want her significant other to live up to her expectations. So, she is going to drop hints about what she wants. They’ll litter her retelling of conversations with her coworkers, girlfriends, maybe her mother. Little tidbits about a fragrance she loved, or a place she wants to visit, even a fear she has always wanted to overcome. This is a perfect starting place for a thoughtful, romantic gift. So force yourself to keep your ears at full attention regardless of how bad your mind wants to wander when she randomly tells you about her day. It shouldn’t be that hard, especially if your Christmas gifts were as bad as mine, and you have a lot of ground to make up.
  2. It’s not all about material things. Of course, any woman will be happy with a designer gift, but you don’t have to break the bank to show her you love her. I know plenty of guys with limited financial means that always come through in the clutch — leaving me scratching my head, wanting to know the secret recipe. Well, here it is. It doesn’t take much to plan a fun nature hike, mixed in with a contemporary museum visit, and sprinkle in a romantic picnic at the local park, and you’ve had yourself a day. What she wants is attention to detail, quality time, and thoughtful planning. So, if you don’t have enough to get the latest Chanel purse, make it your goal to fill her day with activities she loves and enjoys.
  3. Plan ahead. There is nothing worse than heading over to the mall the day before the gift-day and becoming one of a slew of worried faced men slogging through the stores trying to cobble together a miraculous save at the buzzer. Start planning now. There are fantastic apps like Open Table and Resy that will give you a leg up on evening plans. Amazon has two-day delivery, and every online store is eagerly anticipating your early orders. Get that baby sitter a couple of weeks in advance, tell your job a week before you’re leaving early. Just make sure you’re not a last-minute guy, for obvious reasons, those guys don’t last.
  4. Don’t ask your Mom for advice. You’re better than that. The last thing your wife or girlfriend wants is to become your mother. Plus, Mom won’t be able to hold back when she sees your girl sporting something that she picked out from Macy’s — making for an uncomfortable silence and sharp stares that you can’t avoid. Even worse, you don’t want Mom prying about why she hasn’t seen her wear that beautiful cardigan you both picked out at Nordstrom’s. Leave that can of worms unopened and untouched. It’s better for everyone.
  5. Pinterest. If you take nothing else from this article, consider this. Pinterest is a Godsend. This little app gives you a window to the deepest recesses of your girl’s mind. I am not telling you to go all “You” on here and become a creepy stalker, but you need to get on Pinterest and follow her. It’s not necessary to hide this from her, either. Let her know you are creating a Pinterest to follow her boards explicitly, and she will love you for it. Now you have access to all tropical trips she wants to take, the one-off Doc Martins she’s been coveting, even her favorite style of poetry and the clothing style she wants you to wear. Trust me; you can’t go wrong here. Thank me later.

So, there you go. Follow these five tips, and you won’t be looking out for my next article about how to make sure your anniversary gifts help her remember why she loves you.

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