Should New Dads Take Paternity Leave? | Dad University

Paternity leave for men is a hot topic. Men are wanting equal rights as women to be able to take off of work and care for their newborn babies. The difficulty is that so few companies offer paternity leave and the US government doesn’t cover it.

The United States has the Family and Medical Leave Act which allows for 12 weeks of unpaid time off. But this covers less than 2/3 of the US population and because it doesn’t offer compensation, it’s difficult for many families to utilize it. There are some companies trying to make a change by offering coverage to men on parental leave.

Dove Men’s Care has been putting resources into paternity leave, promoting how important it is and also donating funds to help men take it. One of the issues we discuss in this video is the pressure to take it when financially it would be a real burden or it’s not something that you feel is right for you. If you have feedback on whether men should take paternity leave, leave your feedback in the comments section below.


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