Selecting the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Your Hardwood Floor

One of the most important things that people usually ignore is the type of vacuum cleaner that should be selected for cleaning your floor.

Hardwood flooring gives a voguish look. The soothing colors of nature not only give charm to your floor but also adds value to your house. If you want to maintain your hardwood floor for a long haul, proper maintenance and care should be taken.

So let’s talk about care. One of the most important things that people usually ignore is the type of vacuum cleaner that should be selected for cleaning your floor. In the market, there are many vacuum cleaner available and every vacuum cleaner has its characteristics. Choosing the best hardwood vacuum for your wooden floors should be taken into account for the best cleaning and maintaining your floor for long life.

A vacuum cleans, it draws all the dirt and debris into it, right? This is the common concept of most people, they don’t even consider that which vacuum cleaner should be used for carpet and which for the floor. In design or models, its quality is not that high or the brand is not reliable can give you a hard time for deep cleaning. Nowadays new vacuum cleaners come with a feature of changing settings whether you are cleaning a carpeted floor or a wooden which can be adjusted. If your device has no such feature there is a possibility that it may damage your floor.

Effect of using a cheap vacuum cleaner

As we know the fact that a cheap vacuum cleaner will not only clean well and besides they are not the best option for using on the wooden floor. Below are the reasons referring to cheap vacuum cleaners that should not be used on a wooden floor.

Wheel material

In cheap vacuum cleaners, wheels are mostly made up of plastic. These wheels can cause scratches on your floor as you move the machine. In most of the cases, which also you may have encountered, that in plastic wheels debris or other materials get stuck into the wheel resisting the wheel to move. Due to this, the wheel will not rotate rather then it will slide causing drag along its path, which can cause serious damage to the floor.


A vacuum cleaner for carpets has a revolving brush, this brush is fabricated in a way to extract all the dirt, dust or any other materials from the carpet. The material of the brush is stiff which has a tendency of putting scratches on the wooden floor.

In this way, investigate the vacuum cleaner you own or are considering purchasing, and check whether it has both of these two highlights. They work incredible on covering, however, you ought to be exhausted from them on the off chance that you have wood floors.

Features that should be considered for selecting a vacuum for hardwood floor


When you are selecting a vacuum cleaner for a wooden flood make sure you have checked the right category of the brush. Most of the brushes are covered in thick bristles. You have to check that if they are not designed with beater brushes the reason they are hard and cannot be used for hardwood floors and has the potential to cause damage to your floor. These types of brushes are made for carpets to draw out dust and other particles.

Suction capacity

Choose the vacuum cleaner with a good suction power should be selected. For carpet cleaning vacuum with a brush is used to carry out all the dirt from the carpet fiber, but in our case, we cannot use a brush on our floor. That is the reason a high power vacuum should be selected to suck all the dust efficiently especially in the cracks or corners of walls where dirt is strongly embedded.

Utilizing a vacuum cleaner with a solid suction force will do the job. Because of the additional force, you will have the option to expel the ingrained dirt or particles. For sure, this element is essential when cleaning your floor.


Suppose that you wouldn’t fret utilizing a heavier machine. In any case, it would make things simpler with lighter hardware since you can complete your work quicker. And afterward, you may likewise haul it around the house, even upstairs without requesting somebody’s assistance.

Moving your machine securely is significant. Presently, with a lightweight just as a minimal component, you will have the option to keep away from the danger of causing scrape blemishes on the floor. You will likewise forestall encountering unplanned scratches. You realize how significant it is for such occurrences not to occur, isn’t that so?

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