Rise From the Ashes: Finding Truth and Generosity After Tragedy – David Levy

If you’ve gone through a tragic life event and had to rebuild your home, community or family, you know it’s a major, stressful challenge.

But you may also have experienced an unexpected grace traumatic times can bring — allowing you to reach out and be supported in a way you’d never given yourself permission to, connecting more deeply with loved ones and strangers and finding a more aligned sense of life purpose and impact.

David Levy is the steward of Mayacamas Ranch. Before it burned to the ground it was a gathering place for workshops and retreats in California. David’s life changed drastically when the fire happened. Thankfully he, his family and staff all made it out ALIVE! But he had to move homes, change his kids’ schools and create a new life and business vision.

David has an amazing life-view and it crystalized through the fire. He inspires me by putting his attention on how he can be generous and consciously create his environment. He also asks the question: “How much good can you do before you die and have fun doing it?”

In our Man Alive Podcast conversation we discussed:

• How to move forward when it all burns down around you — literally or metaphorically
• The release of pressure and stress that comes with the shift from lone wolf to collaboration
• The power of combining work, play and purpose
• How to find your flow state, rather relying on force, stress or pushing
• The foundation of self-care in your ability to care for others

David’s experience inspires me to look outside my bubble of self and family care to expand the support I give and receive in these challenging times.

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Photo courtesy Shana James.

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