Psalms of Ascents: Psalm 121

The first two verses might sound familiar. Casting Crowns has a song called “Praise You In This Storm”, and the bridge is the first two verses. 

When the Jews would take their annual pilgrimage on their way to Jerusalem, they could look up to Jerusalem that sat on a hill, and sing this song. For us today, I personally feel that this is a reminder that we need not look to earthly things for our help, but to God alone, our Creator.

Our foundation should be set in our faith in God, and it will not slip, but remain steadfast, because God doesn’t sleep. He is always there, providing protection and shelter.

Psalm 121 is a picture of complete and all-encompassing protection by God, using phrases about the sun and the moon – both night and day – and reminding us that the Lord will watch over us during our coming and going.

What a powerful picture of a sovereign God! In a time when our future is so uncertain, we can rely on God to give us certain protection.