Mom’s Post About Being Shamed for Feeding Her Kids McDonald’s Sparks Best Thread

Whether moms work or stay-at-home, most have a hard time posting anything on social media about their kids without experiencing some kind of criticism.

One Canadian mom posted a photo on Instagram most moms would be too ashamed to share. In it, her little ones eating McDonald’s. That’s right, fast food. Along with the photo, Caitlin Fladager, a mom of two, said it’s time we celebrate all we do for our kids, “even the ‘frowned upon’ things.”

“Sometimes I make my kids awesome dinners and do fun activities with them, but some days I get them McDonald’s and let them watch a lot of TV (YouTube),⁣” Caitlin wrote in the Instagram caption.

Alongside the photo of her kiddos and their happy meals, she asked her followers to share what they’ve been mom-shamed for. They flooded the comment section with a range of apparently shameful things.

“I’m so glad I’m not the only one! There’s been days where I don’t want to cook dinner or even play with them,” one mom commented.

“Co-sleeping and the fact that I continue to comfort breastfeed and my son who is almost 2,” another mom wrote.

“My kid is 3 and she knows a few curse words. (Oops.) She watches TV and sometimes has way more junk than good food in a day… and I sleep in bed with her. Come at me!” another shameless mom admitted.

While these are the usual ways we see moms get shamed, some commenters shared a few remarks about things that are so insignificant, people must be going out of their way to be judgmental.

“Not having matching socks on my kids,” another mom chimed in. “Good Lord, socks don’t need to match, so long as they’ve got something on their feet should be what matters.”

“I leave the TV on all day for background noise,” one mom commented. “I get told they watch too much, but I’m pretty sure they play the whole day and watch it the odd time here and there.”

From too much screen time to too much sugar, moms chimed in with the ways they’ve been maligned, but let’s be clear: all that matters is that parents show unconditional love to their little ones. Social media makes it difficult for parents to, well, parent in the best way they know how, but hopefully one day the mommy-shamers will realize there’s no one way to raise a family.