Mom Prohibited from Dropping Off Own Daughter at School After Complaining to District

An Illinois mom was outraged to receive a no trespassing notice for her children’s school after complaining to the principal about safety concerns.

Laura Pell, a mom of four, dropped her 5-year-old daughter off at Lincoln Elementary School in Plainfield, Illinois, after an off-campus therapy appointment. She was shocked to see her daughter was left outside to wander around unsupervised. After speaking to the administration about more supervision for her kindergartener, she said the principal listened. But after the mom complained on Facebook about the issues she was having with the district, she received the no trespassing notice.

“They told me I couldn’t even drop her off,” Laura told CBS Chicago.

The mom runs a Facebook group for complaints about the district, and she admits she’s protective of her children, especially since her daughter has an individualized education program for impulsivity and other issues.

The district cited safety concerns and parent complaints to police about Laura for their decision, but the mom said she couldn’t find any police records concerning her.

Laura has continued to fight against the ban, filing a complaint with the Department of Education. The district is now being investigated for retaliation by the Department’s civil rights office.

In 2018, several elementary school parents complained the district never adequately addressed their bullying concerns, according to CBS Chicago. A spokesman has said there was no retaliation in Laura’s case.