Mom and Kids Find Towel Animal on Hotel Room Toilet, Sparks Best Twitter Thread

You gotta love when any property goes out of their way to make guests smile.

Aboard the Royal Caribbean’s Jewel of the Seas, a mom and her children found an unexpected visitor when they returned to their room. Sitting atop the toilet was a towel creature reading a cruise pamphlet.

The woman’s brother, who runs the Twitter account for Dublin-based writer-director duo @team_daddy, posted the hilarious evidence for his followers. In the caption, he explained that his sis and her kids found a few cute “towel animals” during the week. Clearly this one takes the cake.

Since being shared to the social media platform earlier this week, the photo has gone viral, racking up 165K likes.

Users were quick to chime in with some funny replies.

According to some commenters, Royal Caribbean commonly does this for guests. User @BriarLori wrote that they usually leave them on the bed or sofa. “If the cabin attendant actually did this, it’s hilarious. My friends on another ship this week had this critter on their sofa.”

But apparently it’s a big thing on many other cruise lines too.

Several contributed to the thread with pics of similar surprises they encountered while traveling.

We’re both amused and a bit disturbed, but mostly the former.

As some pointed out, towel animals might be a call to action: