Mom Agrees to 10% Pay Cut to Work from Home, Spurs Controversial LinkedIn Thread

Work-life balance can be a serious struggle for any adult, but it goes double for moms, who also run a household and raise a family. No wonder, then, that the opportunity to do their job remotely can be a dream come true. Take it from LinkedIn.

Shaneé Moret is a mom and the CEO of MedSnake Media. On the networking site, she told the story of a friend returning from maternity leave, whose boss offered the chance to work from home in exchange for a 10 percent pay cut. The pal “didn’t even think twice” before accepting.

Shaneé then asked 10 of her pals if they’d do the same, and eight answered with an emphatic yes.

“As times progress, what people want is freedom,” Shaneé determined. Ending the post, she asked the LinkedIn community if they agreed.

Unsurprisingly, many did.

“Yes, yes, yes, a million times yes!!!” answered Amanda Bronowski. “I worked so much at the office, everyday of the week. I have four sons and I missed everything, school parties, even waking up with them in the morning. When an opportunity came that I could work from home, I didn’t think twice and dove in head first. 10000 percent the best decision I ever made. I would never give up the time I finally have with them for anything!!”

“I would without a doubt say yes!” commented Isabela Reed. “For a lot of people, 10 percent of their pay is put towards actually getting to work (gas, vehicle, etc.) so this is a no brainer!”

However, of the more than 750 comments on Shaneé’s post, not all were in agreement.

“Why the pay cut?” asked Ryan Gray. “If the employer can eliminate the need for rent or utilize property they own in other ways that’s a HUGE savings. Structure your company to support employees working from home and being mobile. Share the cost savings with them by increasing compensation. Then you have REALLY happy employees that are willing to go to war with you!”

Others were more strategic about their decision-making.

“I’d take the cut but ask for increases of 15 percent in 3-6 months if my performance is exceeding expectations,” wrote Meg Verre. “Or start looking for a better remote opportunity.”

Clearly, the question provokes some controversy. On one hand, what mom wouldn’t love to better her work-life balance with a flexible schedule and avoid a pesky commute? On the other, why agree to lower pay if you’re doing the same work, with equal dedication and productivity?

One thing is certain: Sometimes working mothers have to make sacrifices to get the job flexibility they deserve. But as Shaneé wrote, “Money means nothing without the freedom to live your life.”