Living in Los Angeles

By Maricela Romero

Living in LA wasn’t always the best. You see, life through my eyes would scare a square to death. Poverty, violence, murder, never a moment to rest.
Fun and games are few but treasured like gold.

To most people living in LA is white picket fences, shopping Rodeo Drive or cruising Hollywood Boulevard at night.
But me?

Every day is watching my back. Staying alert. Trusting nobody.
Life ain’t always cupcakes and sprinkles and you be damned to believe it is.
Truth is, my LA is going to sleep to the song of ghetto birds. Whole families bang. Every other week it’s a new funeral.

It’s not all bad. Growing up in the hood has its advantages. You grow up faster; you get more respect. Walking down Lincoln Boulevard is an adrenaline rush because you feel untouchable. Of course, that’s how you can end up dead.

I love LA. That’s unquestionable. But I can’t wait to leave. To go somewhere where there’s constant rain, unlimited forests, maybe a lake.
Someplace like Oregon or Washington state.
Someplace safe.


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