Let’s Face with Our Ideologies

According to one of the ancient thinkers: “If someone has nothing worth taking some risks for, then it is not about the circumstances, but about that person.” I completely agree with that.

Most of us keep seeking current competitions or some limiting excuses for ideas. It is not the time of valuable ideologies. The core values, such as mutual respect, appreciation, patriotism, care, affection and sacrifices, seem to be vanishing. It matters how we evaluate the importance of working for the sake of smaller and more extended communities. The revolutionists did not compare themselves with others. They did not hesitate much about the pros and cons. They gave all that they had: their faith, their courage, their loyalty and even their lives.

They are real heroes and role models. Now we are so far from these concepts. I wonder, are there any ideologies, beliefs that include the willingness to sacrifice and exclude selfish interests?

Are there any pure intentions and activities that lack harsh selfishness and shrewdness? Could a postmodern person still believe that intentions can be for society, too? Yet it is true, despite the fact that people’s priority is their job with stability.

No one goes for extra risks and clashes. There is definitely no need to start more conflicts. How self-sacrificial can we be for each other? Or for our loved ones, our family, our friends, our profession, our hometown or our country? No matter what, strive to be more courageous, self-confident and willing to make sacrifices.

This post was previously published on Joseph Felfoldi and is republished here with a Creative Commons license.


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