Kids’ Shower Slides Are Key to Good Hygiene—Here’s Why

Shower slides aren’t only for college students who share bathrooms with any number of other dorm dwellers. The slip-on footwear is great for preventing falls on wet surfaces at the pool, water park and splash pad. Kids’ shower slides offer the traction little ones need to stay accident-free on slick surfaces, and provide a layer of protection from the bacteria and germs that live on the floors of these high-traffic areas.

The All-Purpose Shoe

Truly easy to just slip on and go, these black-and-white striped adidas shower shoes are a classic. Kids will love the cushioned footbed so much that they’ll likely want to wear them all of the time, not only in slippery situations. It feels like walking on a cloud.

The Sporty Style

No need to stick with basic black, Nike’s Girls’ Kawa Slide comes in a bevy of colors, such as pink and neon green. Something about the brand’s iconic “swish” makes the shoe feel instantly sporty. And that foam footbed? Super comfy.

As a brand, Under Armour is all about engineering their products to best suit the customer. Their slide sandals are no exception. With synthetic soles, contoured cushioning, and an adjustable strap that helps the slide stay on little feet, the good-looking shoes will be an instant favorite in your kiddo’s shoe collection.