Just Be Grateful. In Fact, Just Be.

I am grateful for daylight because I can see, and night time because I can see the stars. – author unknown

I am grateful for daylight because I can see, and night time because I can see the stars.

Author Unknown

This morning I am grateful for the warmth and comfort that my bed provided, the warm water with which I shower, and the clean clothes with which I dress.

Simple comforts in life are easy to overlook. Things that are routine are taken for granted and expected – until they are no longer available.

Simple discomforts bring about yearning, longing, and desire for more, better, faster. It is very easy to get absorbed in this culture of must-have.

We live in the future, dreaming about a life that could be, desiring richer-richness and wealthier-wealth. Sometimes there is a significant gap in what we need vs. what we desire. Because of our insatiable nature, we have created that gap – and we continue to fuel a


which is never satisfied.

We have created our own hamster wheel.

Abundance is all around us, and we have forgotten how to notice it.

Human beings need water to survive. Rainfall brings us water. The heavens deliver to our needs.

This universe is amazing in that we can have everything we need to survive – yet we just chase that which is just out of reach. Paid professionals convince us we


what we don’t have. And we bite the hook. The bait tastes good, but never fulfills. We are immediately hungry. We are in a perpetual state of starvation. We believe more gadgets, vacations, or bandwidth will solve our hunger.

Fulfillment is available, actionable, and attainable. Slow down to grasp it.

Look around you, and you will find it. It is within reach. It is not available via the internet, on television, or in the tabloids. It is all around you. Abundance is in the present – not future. You have it right now. Just be, and enjoy!

I encourage you today to take time to notice the little things you have. Focus on now. Be present. Pray and

meditate, and sit under a beautiful tree and observe the amazing world in which we are privileged to live. Stop wanting. Start being grateful. Seek fulfillment. Start today.

Today I am grateful for the comforts I have, and the love I feel. Today I am grateful for just being.

This post was previously published on mikekitko.com and is republished here with permission from the author.


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