Inspiring LinkedIn Story on ‘Badass Mom’ Proves It’s Never Too Late to Re-Enter Workforce

Whether pursuing a career or staying at home with the kids—there’s no question that being a mom is the hardest job of all. Whether you’re a full-time working mom or stay at home full time, both routes require sacrifice while both reap rewards. And for some moms, their career dreams are paused while taking care of their kids before they’re grown and mom feels ready to achieve professional goals.

But, for many moms re-entering the job force, it can feel hard to get back in the game. With a gap on a resume, it’s sometimes difficult to prove to a potential employer exactly why there are a few years unaccounted for and why you’re still a viable candidate. And, even after explaining a career gap, some employers will often view those without gaps as “more employable.”

Sarah Brazier, a senior sales development representative from San Francisco, took to LinkedIn with a story of how, although her mom couldn’t pursue her dream career while Sarah and her six siblings were growing up, her sacrifice proved to be only temporary. Her career re-entry mama fuels us with the inspiration we needed today.

While homeschooling seven children is more than the average stay-at-home mom’s day-to-day, Sarah’s mom understandably had her plate full, yet you’d never know it under her roof.

“I had a dreamlike childhood because of her.” Sarah wrote. “It was dope.”

When Sarah’s mom decided to go back to school, her kiddos went to public school and she earned her bachelor’s degree and soon after, her master’s. Though she put her own professional career on the back burner for years, she was able to achieve her greatest career aspirations once her kids were older. And the impression it left has made an impression on them till this day.

“When I think about where I am now – all the things I want to do but don’t have the time – I think of my mom.

“Sometimes you have to sacrifice in the now to make space for the future. Sometimes, the things you thought you’d never get to do, you end up getting a second chance on – a second chance you value all the more.” Sarah wrote.

We applaud this mama and the time she took to homeschool her little ones and the energy it took to endure a career break. Sarah’s LinkedIn post has already garnered over 600 reactions and over 40 comments. Many of the commenters echoed a similar sentiment of inspiration and gratitude.

Now we’re feeling all warm and fuzzy towards all the badass moms we know. Whether mothering while studying, working or simply taking care of the rascals we were—we now can really appreciate the difficulties of motherhood. Kudos to all the mamas, but here’s a special shout out to the ones who fearlessly tackled the professional world after a career break.