Human Rights Activist Take On The Student-Loan Debt Crisis

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North Africa born entrepreneur and human rights activists, Amira Yahyaoui — who’s company Mos is funded by Uber co-founder Garrett Camp and based San Francisco — has been a tireless advocate for freedom of expression for over a decade. She comes from a family of human rights activists and when she was 16, her father, a judge, was forced from his job for speaking out against then-President Ben Ali. While still a teenager, Amira was tailed by secret police and beaten for her activism; ultimately, she sought refuge in Paris and was banned from her homeland for four years.

However, her exile did not stop her from marching forward with her freedom fight. Amira went on to create an NGO, Al Bawsala, which monitors the constitutional assembly and advocates for human rights. Moreover, she has received many international awards for her activism, including Vital Voices Trailblazer Female Leadership award, the Foundation Chirac Prize for Conflict Prevention, and, she has been selected multiple times as one world’s most powerful and influential Arab and African women. She was also a 2016 Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum.

TODAY, Amira’s fight involves using her U.S. based startup Mos to help millions of college students overcome the complexity of government eligibility requirements and application procedures so they can finally tap into the $135 billion in FREE financial aid for college. This is especially critical since 83% of Americans cannot afford a college education on their own and since the student loan debt in the U.S. has now reached $1.6 trillion. Moreover, the current antiquated financial aid system has created some bureaucratic barriers that most parents and students find challenging to overcome on their own. But to date Amira’s company has helped over 1,000 people to get an average of $15,000 per year in free funding for college.

Please let me know what date and time works for you to speak with Amira about…

Her personal journey a female leader
How she was able to overcome the challenges that she faced as a human rights activist
Her new found passion for helping women, families and their children to gain the resources they need for an affordable college education
The trends, data, and stats that have impacted access to free funding
Insights on her company

Happy to arrange an interview with Founder, or provide testimonials from local users.

I look forward to hearing your feedback.

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This post was republished here with permission from the author.


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