How to Select a Confinement Nanny?

Confinement services are common in some countries such as Malaysia. People hire a confinement nanny to take care of the mother and her newborn baby. After the birth of a baby, the mother and the child need special care and attention. For the quick recovery of the mother and health of the baby, it is essential to get confinement services. You can look for a confinement centre in Malaysia if you want to get a confinement nanny. Many people hire a confinement nanny for the first time, and they don’t know how to select one. So, we are going to give some tips that will help you choose an excellent confinement nanny.

Research and Ask Friends

The first step to get the confinement nanny is the research. The best way is to ask your relatives and friends about the confinement services they have used. You can take the contact information or anything relevant if the service is up to the mark. Your relatives and friends will recommend you the best services, and there is no chance of a scam.

If no one knows an excellent confinement nanny, then you can search online. Online research is a bit difficult because there are many companies with fake reviews. You must read the reviews from a reliable third-party website rather than believing the comments and reviews on the company website. You can research and gather information about a few companies and contact them. After that, you can interview a few confinement nannies to pick the best one.


Although confinement practices are traditional, it requires qualification. You are going to hand over the responsibility of a newborn and the mother; therefore, you need to check whether the confinement lady is qualified or not. She should have the proper qualification and certification. If she is trained, then she can take care of the baby and the mother. She will be responsible for the baby hygiene, baby bathing, special food for the mother, etc. If she is not qualified, then you should avoid such kind of confinement services.


Some confinement nannies are qualified, but they are inexperienced. An experienced nanny has a lot of knowledge because she has worked in different homes and provided confinement services. She knows how to deal with various problems and what to do next. She can take care of the health of the baby and the mother. Make sure the confinement nanny has an experience of at least one year. The more the experience, the better it will be.

Health of the Nanny

Confinement nannies live in the house with the baby. She is responsible for the health of the baby and mother. But she can only provide excellent services if her health is fine. Otherwise, it will create many problems in the future. In case the lady suffers from any problem, then she will not be able to continue services. So, it is better to ask about the health of the nanny before you hire her.

How does she provide confinement services?

Some confinement ladies work according to traditional methods. They do not work according to proven and standard practice. Further, they impose many restrictions. These restrictions will create more problems. Sometimes, they restrict different foods, bathing, and traveling of the mother. Sometimes, restrictions can be better for health, but traditional nannies are too strict, and they follow the conventional methods without any reason or proof.


There should be no communication gap between the mother and the confinement nanny. She should understand the language you speak. You can ask the confinement services if you speak any language other than the local language. Excellent communication will help you a lot; otherwise, you will get into trouble.

Final Thought

You should hire a confinement nanny to take care of the mother and newborn. It is beneficial for the health of both. The nanny will take care of all the work, including bathing and sleeping of the baby, feeding, housework, etc. The mother will get more time to rest, and she will recover soon. Some people don’t know how to select the right confinement nanny. We have provided you with some tips. You can follow the above tips to get the best confinement services.