How Greenery Affects Us

One of the greatest let downs for me is walking into a room and seeing a fake plant. If I see it from afar and believe it’s a living one only to find upon close inspection it happens to be made of plastic, I feel a little cheated. For a long time I couldn’t figure out just why I felt such a strong aversion until I began to open myself up to taking care of them myself.

To be in an environment which holds space for multiple life forms exudes hope. It tells the newcomers “This room is taken care of by active and participating people,” and it displays the rewards of when a person fosters growth in something else.

To sum it up: caring for living plants brings out higher human capacities.

There are countless studies on this topic of the human to flora connection and, given we are in times of crisis on the Earthly level, speaking about such things feels like an honorable duty. I wish to add to the conversation bits and pieces which could open the possibility to more awareness to a matter many are tuning into. To thread together an argument in favor of having live plants verses synthetic ones, I will pose just one question today and one theory later this week that I have come up with over years of observation.

. . .

Why have we allowed time to rob us of cultivating more life outside of ourselves?

With the advent of virtual reality to online banking to living vicariously through social media, instant trumps eventual. A lot of what is “out there” and actual has been placed in a single unit at our fingertips. The proven convenience and effectiveness of this predominant way of operating has slowly driven our desires for tending to physical objects, let alone living things, to the background. Remember the Gigapet? That electronic dog on a key chain was just a taste of what was to come of undemanding tending to. The dual meaning of convenience as a “saver of time” and “relief” has never been so apparent.

When we allow impatience and our egos to decide what is best for a moment, we are letting go of the basic building blocks to creation itself.

A swipe of a finger can manage your ability to access where to find food, but that same finger can have the glorious experience of grasping a ripe home-grown tomato off of the vine.

We have the capacity to use our hands and arms for a myriad of skills and endeavors. We have eyes that can tell if something is wilting from too much sun. Our bodies are built for ministering laborious duties; duties that can take a long or short amount of time. It all comes down to prioritizing what do you desire to foster: more participation or more convenience?

I am not advocating a turning back the dial to the advancements we’ve made and create fire from flint (though do try at least once in your life, it stimulates the ancient parts within you). I am justifying that we are designed to extend our efforts to something tangible and not just to other humans, but all living things. The flora kingdom emits a healing frequency by simply being and when a human heart and mind can let down any guards and work with it, a subtle shift occurs and uplifts everything within its sphere. When we let go of the limitations we ourselves conceived around the concept of time do we realize timelessness is where plants naturally hang out. It is from that place where all of the gold of our deep desire to connect with others shines it brightest hue!

In order for any frequency to increase, there must be impetus. Our own personal environments are a great place to begin to witness the magic that can and will happen when mindful love is placed into it. That includes the desktop, bathroom shelf or hydroponic system where even just one plant can take up some space and be an ongoing generator of care for the whole room. The splendor of a simple flower arrangement to a towering fiddle leaf fig tree brings the “i” in alive to the room. It shows that someone in that domain is taking their time for these beings and reflects the make-up of the universe: multiple life forms all co-existing together.

“…timelessness is where plants naturally hang out.”

Stay tuned for the second half of this discussion and see how confidence can be brought out in a way you wouldn’t suspect.

This post was previously published on Greener Together and is republished here with permission from the author.


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Photo credit: Unsplash