Hiring a Divorce Lawyer? You Need To Know This

Here are few helpful tips to consider if you find yourself looking for a divorce attorney in Illinois.

People rarely want to hire a lawyer.  The mainstream belief is that lawyers mean something has gone wrong.  While this isn’t entirely true, the need to hire an attorney may feel overwhelming in the midst of a dilemma.  Especially, when you are contemplating divorce. Choosing the right divorce attorney can and will ease your mind.

Here are few helpful tips to consider if you find yourself looking for a divorce attorney in Illinois.

Referrals from Friends

Referrals can be great.  An honest opinion from a family member or friend usually eases the stress of finding an attorney.  When taking a referral from a friend, be sure to ask questions of how their experience went.  Listen for the kind issues their attorney handled in their case for comparison.  A divorce can include a multitude of issues, so it’s important that you select an attorney that has positive reviews handling your particular issue(s). For example, did your family member or friend have custody issues, spousal maintenance or complex division of property issues?  While there are many more issues that could occur, be sure to see if your situation is similar.

Go the extra mile and do a little more research.  Do a quick internet search of the attorney’s success rate and reviews from other clients.  Look to see if the reviews speak to the attorney’s willingness to listen and tenacity in fighting for what they wanted.

Internet Search Reviews

We search for reviews on everything.  Why should looking for an attorney be any different?  The internet is flooded with available attorneys in your target area.  The key is to choose the right attorney.  Google and Yelp reviews are an awesome tool but can be misleading.  While it is uber important to read the customer reviews, it also important to look out for marketing tricks.  Look at the number of reviews and when the reviews were made.  If there are a lot and they were all made in the same year or in the same month, they are likely a marketing hack.  To ensure the best service for their clients, attorneys are not likely going to handle a lot of cases at once.  An attorney’s goal is to win, and that takes preparation, time and attention.  Make sure you choose an attorney that will go the extra mile keeping your goals in mind.

Much like how your clothing gives a first impression, so does an attorney’s social media presence.  Read through an attorney’s webpage, such as the Chicago Divorce Lawyer, to get a feel for their services.  If you feel comfortable with what you see, click to contact that attorney or call their office to set up a consultation.  An in-person meeting will likely seal the deal on whether they are a good fit for you.

Education is great, but don’t get caught up in where the attorney went to law school.   The same subjects are taught at every law school and every lawyer must pass the bar.  What’s important to look for is that lawyer’s attention to detail, willingness to listen to your issues and ability to fight for their client’s goals. Cases are won by hard work and preparation.  Be sure to hire an attorney that is committed to working hard for you.

There are several areas of law.  Be sure to look for a family law attorney, specifically a divorce attorney.  Attorneys work within specialized areas.  Choose an attorney whose primary focus fits your needs.

Just like when shopping, if you meet with an attorney and decide that they are not the right fit, you are not obligated to hire that attorney.  Sure, time may be of the essence, but it is more important to protect yourself by hiring the right attorney.

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