Health Before Wealth

We Survive

That morning, our youngest came into our bedroom saying he had a headache. He climbed into our bed, but couldn’t get comfortable. He ate very little breakfast and was only half interested in the usual morning shows.

By mid-morning he started running a fever, and by that afternoon it had spiked to 102 degrees. He was lethargic and couldn’t keep his eyes open. We draped cold wash cloths on him that his body warmed within minutes.

“This checks all the boxes for flu,” I said, “we need to  take him in.”

As we prepared to leave the house calling our usual pediatric clinic to request an appointment, we remembered it was President’s Day and the office was closed. The wait times at the Urgent Care’s around the county were two hours minimum. We found one that was 40 minutes away with only a 30 minute wait time.

I stayed home with our eldest and my wife and little bro went to the doctor.

Sure enough, it was Influenza Type A. And we had all received our shots this year.

The next five days were what you might imagine. A 4-year-old whose energy is normally off the charts was at his lowest. No appetite, grumpy, feverish, and resisting the Tamiflu prescribed to him. Not to mention he was relegated to a corner on the couch while the rest of us kept our distance.

But, he survived. We survived. Our pediatrician recommended for our sick son (and for all of us) regular intervals of elderberry syrup, ramping up our vitamin C, and taking fish oil, and of course hydration and rest.

The preventive measures helped everyone. Quarantine, handwashing, supplements, prescribed medicine, and good old-fashioned homecare. For my on-going allergy and asthma, I take a daily inhaler and I see a Chinese Medicine doctor for acupuncture and herbs. We’re religious about hand-washing, coughing into our elbows, and not touching hand rails, switch plates, and door knobs in public. It may seem obsessive, but it all helps.

The other day my wife came home with extra everything. Tissue boxes, paper towels, food, meds, you name it. I grumbled to myself. Why would she bring all this home on day that’s not shopping day? Simple. She’s preparing as we all should. Be prepared, stay healthy, and make basic good health a priority. These days, it could be the only family value that saves us all.


Photo by CDC on Unsplash