Have I Ever Been Dishonest?

Even if your goal is to be honest 100% of the time, are there times you haven’t been honest?

For me, there were. As recently as sometime in the last two years.

There I was, crossing the street, a right-turning vehicle stopped to respect my right-of-way. Someone (I think) stopped to avoid hitting them, and the car behind that car screeched to a halt, no, rear-ended that vehicle. Rather a chain reaction, or was it?

The point is, I didn’t really see the impact of the collision. I left my phone number with one of the parties of the two who collided, and I did get a call from an insurance company. The insurance adjuster asked me relevant questions, and lo and behold, I didn’t have the answers. I did, however, say that I did, and that I caught myself doing.

I caught myself, but it was too late. Someone’s fate, fault or premium relied partly on my statement. I was too busy watching where I was stepping, getting to the curb. I didn’t see what I said I saw three times!

This specific incident was not the most recent, or the first. And it wasn’t in the last two years. The point being?

I wasn’t honest in a way that so far has been extremely difficult. Hopefully, writing this story will help me gain integrity and honesty. It is very valuable to be honest, don’t you agree?