Gotta Get a Llama Lover a Gift? No Prob-Llama

Llamas are having their moment, and we’re here for it! Those furry friends have the power to calm down or cheer up, making llama-infused gifts a slam dunk for any occasion. Here’s some of the most fun and creative ideas.

A Great Start to Your Day

Llamas are pretty magical—which makes this 3D and color changing mug a must have. Pour in hot liquid (coffee, tea, hot chocolate—user’s choice) and watch the llama’s blanket and mountain backdrop instantly change color.

All This Needs Is a Squeeze

Have a high-strung friend or child who barely takes the time for a deep breath? They’ll love squeezing this adorable llama stress toy whenever an anxious moment strikes. It’s small, discreet and made to fit in a pocket or purse.

This isn’t your kindergartener’s coloring book—the pastime is officially a family-friendly activity. This coloring book has all ages explore their artistic side with an array of llamas that speak to everyone, from the “Llamacorn” to the “Sweet Baby Llama.”