Gifts Worth Giving, for the Holidays and Every Day!

Not sure what to kind of gift to give him? Here’s a sampling of quality gifts for the holidays and other special occasions.

1) Lucky Bloke’s Ultimate Condom Samplers

The science is in: Condom fit is key to enabling greater pleasure for condom users.

35% of men require a smaller – more tailored fit – condom. 50% of men require a medium – standard fit – condom.
15% of men require a larger – more generous fit – condom. Many of them don’t even know it. With the help of thousands of couples in over 35 countries, Lucky Bloke has taken a deep dive into the ins and outs of optimizing the condom experience. Insights from our global condom reviews enable us to successfully guide individuals (and couples) to find the best condom fit and style for their personal needs. Our selection is made from only the very best condoms, worldwide. And with a properly fitting, state-of-the-art condom, your ‘sexperience’ will be both safer and far more pleasurable than you ever would have imagined. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Explore the thinnest condoms from Japan; a tasty line of vegan and organic flavored condoms from Australia; condoms that vary from glow-in-the-dark to ribbed AND studded from North America; as well as the very best from Europe.


2) Nautica’s Perfect Men’s Puffer

Whether traveling by land or sea, Nautica offers the ultimate jacket for traveling and keeping warm this winter while sailing, skiing or just for every day. This ultra-warm puffer jacket by Nautica is water-resistant with pops of contrast. Perfect go-to for the typical stud who throws on a jacket and is ready to go or husband that loves to be outdoors. The jacket is practical and stylish in looks. Any man can keep on his old white-tee & favorite jeans with this one! Machine wash SAFE! Available in four colorways – dark green, navy, red and yellow, this puffer jacket features Tempasphere fill. meaning extra warmth without the weight.

This ultra-warm puffer jacket is a stand out in its rich color with contrast details. The water-and-wind-resistant shell and super warm but lightweight Tempasphere fill mean it will keep you warm and protected from every winter elements. Three exterior pockets and one interior. — Buy here $250


3) Dragonfly Coffee Roasters: The perfect coffee to sip this holiday season!

Dragonfly Coffee Roasters is an award-winning specialty coffee brand based out of Boulder, Colorado, founded in 2011 by CEO Tamas Christman, a Chemical Engineer and Licensed Q Arabica Grader. The brand is focused on education, sustainability and creating exceptional coffee experiences through a variety of mediums and platforms. Dragonfly’s vision is full circle ‘from seed.. to customer.’ DragonFly specializes in sourcing, roasting and educating consumers. Their Espresso Crema Dolce whole bean medium Italian roast, 2019 Roast Magazine Micro-Roaster of the year, features a sweet aroma with a touch of cinnamon, caramel, and roasted nut. The flavor consists of milk chocolate tones with hints of caramel and spice, perfect for the holiday season. Their signature Medium Roast Espresso blend, this traditional North Italian style espresso is inspired by the roots of espresso. Starting with a sweet crema and superb body which is almost velvet-like followed with a soft caramel-like finish.

Getting the most from this recommended starting point: (Espresso): 21 grams in (dry grounds), 38 grams (extracted liquid) out, 3-5 second pre-infusion, 30 second total pull time, 198F temperature. Experiment & enjoy! — Buy here $14.00


4) Manhood Game Cards – Manhood 2

Welcome to Manhood 2, the second in our series of games addressing the challenges of men in contemporary life. Married or single, fathers and sons, gay or straight, of every ethnicity and race, we face the uncertain future of politics, technology, ecology and relationships as we go about making life meaningful and satisfying on our planet. We are in it together. Here is a game that will help us connect our stories and turn sharing into mutual support and action for male well-being at a time when masculinity is under heavy fire. Buy here.


5) Ray-Ban RB3016 Clubmaster W0365

For the man who loves to be outdoors. Whether he’s firing up the BBQ, driving to work, or out for a walk in the snow, the man in your life is going to appreciate these Ray-Ban classics. Made from high-quality materials, they are ‘dad durable’ and come prescription ready. Buy here.


6) The Good Men Project: Real Stories from the Front Lines of Modern Manhood

Read the original anthology that was the catalyst for The Good Men Project. The Good Men Project: Real Stories from the Front Lines of Modern Manhood is more than a book; it is the centerpiece of a national discussion about what manhood means today. Thirty-one essays by a broad range of men–rich, poor, black, white, gay, straight, urban, rural, famous, ordinary–describe the challenges, obstacles, triumphs, failures, and life-changing moments that collectively help define what it means to be a man in America. Available in print and ebook. Buy here.

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