Episode 8 Christina Hitchcock

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Do you dread the question, “What’s for dinner?” each and every night? Is the idea of meal planning overwhelming for you? Are you a person who is unorganized and you don’t think you’ll be able to get meal planning right? Or maybe you think you are too busy to make a meal plan work?

This week I’m talking to Christina Hitchcock from “It Is a Keeper” about how to get organized, simplify meal planning, and stop worrying about what’s for dinner!

Meal planning is one of the things that has really helped save my sanity. I am not a super organized person, I don’t do spreadsheets, I have trouble keeping my house neat and tidy, but meal planning is one area where I feel like I’m organized enough to make a difference.

I was so excited to sit down with Christina this week to talk about how to up my meal planning game. You see Christina is an organized person, she does spreadsheets, and so many more things that I have never thought of to make meal planning something that is easy and efficient.

Let’s face it, we need to put dinner on the table every night, and that can get exhausting. It can be stressful after a long day to remember that you have nothing planned and all your meat is in the freezer, or you desperately need to go grocery shopping.

Meal planning takes that stress away, and getting started is easier than you think! Christina has some great tips and ideas for meal planning, saving time in the kitchen, keeping food fresh, and so much more!

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