Creepy, Glowing Smile Spooks Mom, Prompts Her to Write Hilarious Facebook Post

One mom got the spook of a lifetime when an eerie, glowing smile approached her in the middle of the night.

Angela Kelsay, an Indiana mom of three, was snoozing away when her door creaked open and she noticed the unidentified face floating in the pitch dark about a foot above the ground. At first she thought it might be her night-walking 2-year-old, but the apparition was completely silent. “Our house is 120 years old. If you LOOK at the floors the wrong way they creak. But this thing didn’t make a sound,” she described in a now-viral social media post. Just as she was weighing her options, the spirit identified itself with a small “Mommy?”

Yep, it was just 2-year-old Lennox, whose Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle tee apparently glows in the dark. The mom, who admitted she stays as far from horror movies as humanly possible, took to Facebook with the hilarious story and her side-splitting revelations.

Her story has garnered over 60K reactions and 85K shares.

It was at this moment I realized three things:
1) My baby has a future as a ninja because he was absolutely soundless.
2) I nearly throat chopped my 2-year-old.
3) If I’m going to expect quick service from Michael the Archangel I’m going to have to stop being Jesus’s ‘call you when I need money’ friend
,” Angela wrote.

While Angela’s story doesn’t confirm nor deny the existence of demons—or the Holy Spirit—we’re glad Lennox identified himself before she could attack. Some parents commented on the post noting they would’ve reacted a little differently.

“You’re cool, I would have been throwing things (got a nice cluttered bedside table) before the light got close ,” one mom wrote.

“Mannn! Omg! He wouldn’t have needed to send Michael because I would have been at the pearly gates! Next time turn your light on first! Too funny!” another person wrote.

“Get rid of that shirt nooooow lol,” another woman wrote.

That pretty much sums it up. BRB while we go and test all of our kids’ clothes for glow-in-the-dark capabilities.