Couch surfing in Italy (When it’s all a bit weird & freaky)

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This week’s show is a continuation from Episode 5 – Couchsurfing as a family (how to save money).

After that show, we got lots of please for us to elaborate on the ‘weird Italian host’.


Because I am very delicate and old, please don’t go attacking me and say I should be grateful that this guy let four rag- bags sleep in his house.

I am; I was very grateful.

But. This guy was a bit…weird 


So we thought we’d share. That way, if you are considering couchsurfing with your kids (and you absolutely should – it’s the best!) you might want to avoid this certain Italian host.

Unless your kids are harder than mine and like small wooden structures.

In this episode, we…


🌟here (warning* – the whole family will try to steal them. Hide them well.)

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Liz and Sonny xx