CMO Mom Nails Mixed Emotions of Being a New Working Mother in Powerful LinkedIn Post

A mother returning to work after maternity leave needs all the support she can get. Unfortunately, empathetic bosses are few and far between—but they exist.

Cybersecurity company Rubica, Inc.’s chief marketing officer Emily Carrion is an example. On Linkedin, the CMO, who has a son, shared the comforting words she had for a new mom she met who recently returned to work.

The woman told her she felt alone. “I repeated to her a dozen times: ‘You are normal. What you’re experiencing is normal. Your feelings are valid,’” she wrote.

Emily continued by highlighting the many things women go through when they have to leave their babies to start working again.

“It’s normal to not want to leave your baby and normal to need a break from your baby.
“It’s normal to want to be with your baby every second and normal to crave adult stimulation (and normal to want both at the same time).
“It’s normal to experience postpartum depression or baby blues.
“It’s normal to cry before going back to work and normal to be ready to go back to work.
“It’s normal to feel like you’re in a fog and normal to be hyper productive.
“It’s normal to want to work less hours or cut back on responsibility.
“It’s normal to feel completely attached to your baby and normal to feel unattached to your baby.”

Emily went on to acknowledge that parenting is the “best and hardest thing” she’s ever done, and it has “fundamentally changed” how she does her job and has made her a better person. Additionally, she thanked her company for the “complete flexibility” given to her while pregnant and after having her child.

Concluding her post, she tagged several women she looks up to who also balance career and parenthood.

It is great to see that Emily is now paying it forward as an awesome working-mom role model.