Choosing Hope

On February 13th, 2019, I e-mailed a new subscriber to thank her for joining my mailing list, and for being a listener of the podcast. I had no idea that this simple gesture would ultimately lead to one of the most rewarding, unexpected, and beautiful friendships of my life.

Elizabeth Aaroe is living proof that we can find our joy, we can choose bravery, and we can choose optimism even in the face of unrelenting trauma, disease, and abuse.

As a Neurological Lyme disease survivor, her journey of misdiagnosis, breathing machines, tests, and waiting lists would only forge the foundation for Elizabeth to stand completely within her own truth, and endure the pain that was yet to come.

To try and summarize Elizabeth’s strength of spirit, belief, and grace, in a few paragraphs, would be an impossible task…so in her own words:

In spite of a near-death illness, I remain a relentless, intrepid woman, albeit in an entirely different guise than my former self, but still a remarkably benevolent and creative force of nature, and the master gardener of my life, mind, body, and soul.

-Elizabeth Aaroe

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month, and this episode is released in honor of Elizabeth Aaroe, and the incredible Lyme Disease survivors, families, loved ones, and healers, who are doing their part to survive, to thrive and bring awareness to this vital cause.

This post was previously published on Own Your Truth Podcast and is republished here with permission from the author.

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