CEO Mom’s Epiphany Proves Why Staying Home with a Sick Kid Makes You a ‘Superhero’

When our little ones are sick, it’s nearly impossible to see the silver lining. From the bodily fluids to burning through our precious paid time off, peak cold season is a drag.

One CEO mom flipped her perspective, however, when her daughter came down with a cold—and her epiphany is the perfect motivation for working moms.

When Melissa Melonson, the founder and owner of Lumi Agency, a creative digital marketing agency, decided to stay home with her sick daughter, she didn’t let it hinder her.

In an inspiring LinkedIn post, the mom gave a “cheers” to herself for not letting a sick kid interfere with her self-run business. Rather than hiding the news of her sick daughter to her clients, she decided she didn’t “have to choose” between being a mom and a business owner. She told her clients she was available to them, but that she was also home taking care of her little one.

Melissa admitted in the post that being so transparent with clients used to cause guilt and anxiety, but not anymore.

“But I have come to understand that I don’t need to feel like that… I have come to peace with the idea that I can be devoted to both my family and my work,” Melissa wrote.

The mom said in the past she feared that staying home with her little one made her look like a weak business partner. But now, she understands it only makes her stronger.

“The fact that I can be a loving mom and a strong devoted business owner at the same time pretty much makes me (and all other hard working moms) a superhero,” she wrote.

Though the business owner had flexibility most parents don’t, she used her position to prove that working moms can handle whatever the day dishes out. Let’s hope her clients noticed, and appreciated the message. We can’t wait for prioritizing kids to become less taboo in the workplace—so we can stop wasting our sick days and be honest with our colleagues about what’s on our plates.