CEO Mom to Working Parents: ‘Never Compromise Your Happiness for a Paycheck’

A post on LinkedIn is reminding job-seeking moms and dads not to overlook companies that pay less but have great benefits.

Shaneé Moret is the CEO of MedSnake Media. She’s also a mother with one child. On the networking site, she announced that four months ago, her company hired its first manager—a working mom.

The new team member was offered a higher salary somewhere else, but she chose to go with Shaneé’s business and accept a position as revenue cycle manager. It’s not hard to see why. Shaneé said they promised “the freedom to work from home, to always have her ideas heard, to never micromanage,” and to go on “cool business trips”—which sounds like any working mom’s dream, honestly.

And they’ve kept their word. Shaneé said they’ve been receptive to the manager’s ideas, and have already sent her on one trip—with another one already booked. Additionally, the hire’s kids “love that their mom is home more.”

The LinkedIn post proves that people recognize the value in working for a place that’s family-friendly and supportive. If companies want to attract and retain talent, they need to keep this in mind.

“It’s not about who offers you the most money. It’s about who offers you the highest quality of life. Never compromise your happiness for a paycheck,” the CEO concluded.

Shaneé’s message quickly went viral. In under a week, it’s gotten over 11,000 reactions and almost 500 comments. “This is everything! Especially now when there are so many options on the table, the companies with the most value are often the ones with the most trust—of which flexibility, freedom and having a seat at the table are all byproducts of. And those companies will always retain the most talent,” one user wrote.

Another pointed out that most of the benefits are “simple” and don’t cost the company a dime.

In a reply, the new manager, Ela Clarida Jamillah, who the CEO tagged in a comment, confirmed how happy she is with the new job. “This decision has already proven more than it’s worth long term. It’s been a wonderful learning experience so far. I’m appreciative of this opportunity and hope to keep helping your company thrive.”