CEO Dad Who Spent Valentine’s Day Alone Pens Inspiring Ode to Working Moms

Many people would feel sad to spend Valentine’s Day without their significant other. But Gergo Vari, a San-Francisco-based dad and CEO of Lensa, a recruitment advertising and data services company, spent his feeling “balanced.”

Why? Because he has an awesome working mom as a spouse, he explained on LinkedIn.

“Dear job, won’t you be my Valentine? 💘” he began his post.

“Just kidding. I love my work, but I know it could never take the place of my wife.”

Gergo is married to Mariann Vari, the founder and studio director of Polaris Art Studio.

“So, if my relationship is so rosy, why am I home alone on Valentine’s Day?

“Easy: She’s working tonight, so it’s my turn to watch the kids,” he wrote.

Gergo said he and his spouse jokingly refer to this arrangement as “work-wife balance.” However, he admits the term is also more accurate, adding, “It points to a neglected truth about hashtag#worklifebalance: When our professional and private responsibilities clash, it’s our spouses who maintain our equilibrium.”

He continued, “They don’t just offer emotional support. They bear our burdens, carry our groceries, tie up our loose ends at times when we have to put more energy than usual into our work.

“Sometimes it’s your turn, sometimes theirs.”

Ending his post, he expressed gratitude for their relationship.

“My wife and I share a mutual understanding of each other’s priorities—for our family and for ourselves.

“It keeps us happy while others are whacking heart-shaped revenge piñatas.

“It’s why I can spend Valentine’s Day alone, feeling balanced.

“Which reminds me: Is there still time to buy a present? 💝”

In the comments section, people cheered on the CEO dad and his partner for finding a way to juggle family and career—together. “That’s so well said and really hits the nail on the head: Work-life balance is not about individuals, Gergo!” one user wrote.

Another replied, “Love this! ♥️ Fortunately for me, my significant other recognizes the benefit of having a partner who’s passionate about their work. Otherwise we’d probably be in couples therapy like so many of our friends. 😶”

A relationship where you both take care of the kids and support each other’s professional goals? That sounds like one of the best gifts of all.