CBD Flower: Everything You Need to Know

You’ve heard the buzz: CBD is on everyone’s lips in the United States these days. So, what is CBD? How is it different from THC or hemp products? What properties does CBD flower hold? It’s important to do a bit of digging to know which CBD products are right for you and which are best left on the shelves.

What is CBD?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a chemical cannabinoid derived from marijuana plants. However, CBD differs from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in that it has no psychoactive effects so you won’t feel altered after consumption. CBD oil and the hemp plant have no THC content from the Sativa cannabis plant.

While the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is dragging its feet as far as different strains of marijuana are concerned, many strains of CBD have been approved for sale and public consumption, though they aren’t quite regulated. Even so, CBD is the wellness product du jour.

Cannabis plants have two different species, one of which is marijuana and one of which is hemp flower. There is a much higher concentration of CBD in hemp and hemp flower, which is the source of much of the CBD flowers and CBD oil products on the market. CBD flower has proved popular as an alternative to marijuana plants and is much easier to acquire in many states.

Many users prefer the flavors of CBD-rich flower to products like edibles and lotions because of the vapor it produces. Some new strains, like those called “Girl Scout Cookies” or “Suver Haze,” are well-liked for their flavors. Also, with some edibles, it’s difficult to distinguish ingredients and whether any of those have been treated with pesticides or herbicides as opposed to CBD-rich flower which is perhaps the “purest” form available in the hemp industry.

Benefits of CBD Flower

The CBD flower cannabinoid and CBD oil have numerous purported health benefits. Many users report that it’s effective for insomnia, inflammation, relaxing, and chronic pain. It’s important to note, however, that even though CBD hemp flower has anti-inflammatory properties, it hasn’t been approved by the FDA as an alternative if you use prescription medications for a serious medical condition. As such, it’s not a suitable “cure” or alternative to prescribed medicine.

While much of the CBD market is concerned with its use as a remedy – and there are plenty of news stories about the “Charlotte’s Web” strain of marijuana – it’s important to discuss your conditions with a medical professional first.

Also, the CBD market is becoming highly saturated so finding a suitable, quality remedy may prove difficult. The CBD Insider is a great research resource. The CBD Insider provides news and information on many of the new strains coming out and can help buyers find a suitable source for high-quality CBD flowers and industrial hemp. The CBD Insider also provides product reviews of major brands so if you want to know the skinny on “Girl Scout Cookies” or “Suver Haze,” this is the place to go.

Don’t Limit Yourself, Explore!

Even though you may be interested primarily in the new strains of CBD flower, keep in mind that there are product alternatives in the CBD business. From beverages to dietary supplements, to CBD brands that cater to those with anxiety disorders, there are plenty of options available on the marketplace.

The marketplace for dietary supplements, in particular, is booming, so make sure to do some digging before you give out your credit card information. As long as you’re doing your due diligence and relying on review resources and industry publications, you’re going to have a much easier time finding the right products for your lifestyle.