BookShark’s Resources For the Homeschool Mom

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We’ve been using BookShark and love it. It is the perfect complete curriculum for my family and has been a great fit for us. Not only is it a well-rounded education but it also includes some amazing resources for the homeschool mom!

One of the things I love about BookShark is the instructor’s guide! Not only is it a step by step schedule for your homeschool days it also offers a ton of extra resources that make homeschool mom life easier!

Not only will you find it easy to plan your days and weeks but BookShark has provided resources that go beyond lessons to help you feel great about your homeschool journey.

Here are some of BookShark’s resources that I absolutely love-

The Extensive How-To-  You can pretty much jump right in with the instructor’s guide and get started with schooling. However, BookShark has included extensive instructions on how to use the curriculum. Diving into this and reading it before you get started can be super helpful to understand how everything works together and how to best use it with your kids!

Skills Checklists- Ever wonder if your child is where they are “supposed” to be? While I don’t worry too much about milestones I do think it’s important to understand what skills our children should have at certain points in their education so we can know what to focus on or what our kids have mastered. The BookShark instructor’s guide offers several extensive checklists that can help you take inventory of what your child knows and what you want to work on. These lists include language arts skills, visual language, and writing. There are also practical life skills focusing on personal skills, health, emergencies, chores, and everyday tasks. These lists are great to look at and interweave additional learning into your homeschool!

Planning pages- If you love to plan there are a few pages that you will love. There is a blank schedule page if you want to write out your week. It is an excellent place to consolidate all the lessons in the instructor’s guide so that you have everything in one place as you start your day. There is also a field trip planner so that you can plan awesome educational experiences for your kids throughout the year.  

Educational Resources– There are also several great resources to help you throughout your year. There is a list for building your timeline, complete with what books correspond to events and people to add. (It’s a great cheat sheet to make sure you don’t forget anything!) There are also pages on phonics rules, and spelling rules to help guide your child along the way.

Completion Certificates- Like to give your kids recognition for a job well done? The teacher’s guide includes certificates for each subject so you can present them as your child finishes their year. They are a great thing to collect so that your child can see the progress they’ve made year after year!

Bookshark has been incredibly thoughtful in putting together their instructor’s guide. Not only do you get detailed lesson plans and an easy to follow schedule but the extra resources are amazing to help you move through your homeschool year with ease!

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